Mission Statement

              The Tweed Heads Historical Society Inc. seeks to promote an awareness and understanding of the past, present and future of the Shire of Tweed and the southern Gold Coast, and to promote, with the Shire of Tweed, the development of the aims and objectives of the Tweed Regional Museum, and to support its day to day activities and organisation.


Society Positions



Max Boyd

Life Members

Ruth Aberdeen, Brian Boyd, Robert Ford, Gwen Hart, Warren Keats, Betty McKenzie, Peter Winter, Marie Adams, Margaret Lutton, Jan Duke, Ray Duke, Joan Smith


President – Ross Johnson
Vice President – Brian O’Keeffe
Secretary/Treasurer – Daphne Mellor


Jan Curtis, Lyn Maddalena, Margaret Lutton, Denise Garrick, Ceanne Caine
Emeritus President – Joan Smith

Hon. Solicitor

William Campbell


Joan Smith, Jan Curtis


Jan & Ray Duke

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THHS Strategic Plan

The History of the Tweed Heads Historical Society

In 1985 a public meeting was called at Tweed Heads to form an Historical Society, as none existed between Southport on the Gold Coast, Queensland and Murwillumbah in Northern New South Wales. The meeting was well attended and the Lower Tweed River Historical Society was formed, later to become the Tweed Heads Historical Society Inc.

An energetic band of volunteers set about establishing their presence in the community and began setting up their Research Centre in the old Tweed Heads Court House which had been removed from the town to Pioneer Park to make room for a development. The growing collection comprised of oral histories, photographs and artefacts. Gradually a library was acquired book by book, along with local newspaper articles, and local authors of historical significance were added to the collection.

As Tweed Heads is a border town, it was decided our history should encompass both sides of the border: the area of the southern Gold Coast and hinterland as well as the New South Wales far North Coast and surrounds.  Pioneering families that came and settled this area were neighbours and depended on one another for support in their isolation.

The Society has published a number of books over the years and quarterly publishes their own Journal, the Log Book, which is posted out to each of its members. As you use the site you will see for yourself just how comprehensive the collection is.  Enjoy your journey and if we can help you in your research then we have achieved our aims.

Best Wishes

Joan Smith
Emeritus President