Tweed Family Register 1840 – 1965

The Tweed Heads Historical Society wishes to create a register of the Pioneers and Families of the Tweed. They hope to gather as much information as possible about the earliest arrivals, and about the people who lived and worked in the Tweed prior to 1965, including any who fought in the Boer and Great Wars. They seek not only basic personal information of births, marriages and deaths, places where the Pioneers lived and worked, but also any other information about them that might help fill out our knowledge of their times. For example, what organisations did they belong to, what recreations did they have, where did the children go to school and so on. In filling out the forms the Society hopes that people will not be put off by the format and will add anything at all that might be of interest to future generations. A bonus would be old photographs, certificates, letters, land titles or papers which could be copied.

The material collected will become part of the Society’s records, and, funds permitting, will form a database of records, parts of which may be published. Given the number of years that have passed, the Society believes that this is probably the last chance to collect a definitive record of those who changed the Valley forever. Your assistance is gratefully sought.

Last Modified: May 26, 2017